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Since 1988 BWY has been hosting Rendezvous at various locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Beginning as a fun reason to go out for the weekend with new friends, the first event was small with only about 5 boats in attendance.  The gathering was held at Friday Harbor, San Juan Island and was a lot of fun!  The group sailed over together, had a nice dinner, partied, and sailed home the next day.  Over the following few years we would host 4 or 5 overnight rendezvous each year!  After a few years we recognized that there always seemed to be just one get together a year with great attendance, so we decided to concentrate our efforts on just one great 4 day cruising event packed with both fun and educational opportunities.  Over the last 22 years the BWY rendezvous has grown to become one of the largest cruising events on Puget Sound, and by far the largest annual Macgregor owners event in the world.  Typical attendance is 50 boats and over 100 people!  To make the event special it is dedicated to the BWY family of owners.  This is just one way we thank the people who have purchased their boat from us while continuing to support and help them.

Fun rendezvous events typically include a barbeque hosted by BWY, a pot-luck dinner, live music on the dock, a sailing themed movie night, and an “open boat” social event.

Our goal is to help you gain the skills and confidence you need to relax and enjoy cruising your new Mac, so we offer lots of educational opportunities such as sailing and maintenance seminars, cruising slide shows, and sailing with on the water coaching.

We look forward to seeing you at our rendezvous soon with your new MacGregor 26M!!

For detailed info on this years rendezvous CLICK HERE!


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