The cruising opportunities on a Macgregor are nearly endless because the boat is so versatile and capable.  From inland lakes to open ocean you will find a MacGregor out having fun nearly anywhere you look!  Whether you choose to sail Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands, or cruise all the way from Seattle to Alaska, a MacGrgor 26M will serve you well.

Our customers have sailed the Sea Of Cortez, the Inter Coastal Waterway, and crossed the Gulf Stream from Florida to the Bahamas as well as sailing hundreds of inland lakes .  The easy trailerability of the 26M allows you to travel farther and do more things than you could with other cruising sailboats.  We trailered “La Perla Noir” to Southern California and sailed out to Catalina Island.  It was a great trip that we would never have had time to make on a waterbound keelboat!  

We plan to add more cruising destination pages in the future, but we are starting with our home waters of Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands, one of the best cruising destinations in North America.

Remote destinations include Sucia Island State Park, where you will find mooring pins in several bays and 2 docks in Fossil Bay, and Jones Island State Park.  Shallow Bay on Sucia is  great for the MacGregor as it is fairly shallow, but we can just pull up our dagggerboard and rudders when we anchor, so it’s no problem!.  Jones Island State Park, with 2 nice bays and a dock with picnic tables, tent areas, beaches and has a great short hike for kids to enjoy.

Less remote harbors include Roche Harbor Resort, the home of the “Fluffy Duck” cocktail and the San Juans version of the “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, as well as a fun swimming pool and live music on weekend nights.  Friday Harbor is a must for re-stocking supplies and shopping or taking in a movie or bowling!.  

Contact Cheryl, if you have any questions about cruising the San Juan Islands, or if you would like to order your new MacGregor 26M to start your own adventures and family memories now!

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