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Step one:

  • Click on 'Find My Part'. It may take a few seconds to load our extensive parts list
    depending on your connection speed. Please be patient.

  • Enter your boats 'Year' and 'Model' in the search boxes under the column headings
    then press enter or click the "Search Now" button.
    Refer to the list to the right for valid models or point to the help icon.

  • You can refine the search even more by selecting a product category.
    Refer to the list to the right for category contents or point to the help icon..

  • You can reset the search by clicking on 'Clear Search Entries'.

  • Click on the icon in the description to see more details about the product
    including pictures if available.  

Step two:

  • Select products you wish to order by clicking on the    button in the product row.
    This will put items in your cart one at a time.

  • Or, just type the quantity you want in the 'Qty' box in the items row.  

Step three:

  • If you wish to remove a product from your cart, type a zero in the 'Qty' box
    in the items row.

  • You can also remove items by clicking on 'View Cart' then clicking on the    button
    next to each item.

  • You can start over by clicking on 'View Cart' then clicking on the    button.  

Step four:

  • Click on 'Submit Email Inquiry' and complete form to send us an inquiry about
    the parts in your cart.

We accept  credit, debit cards, none will be processed online.
This is simply an inquiry system, you will be contacted by our sales
department to complete the order.


Use these Model Codes to search
26M=Macgregor 26M (current)
26X=Macgregor 26X
26C=Macgregor 26 Classic
both centerboard and dagger board
M25=Macgregor 25
V25=Venture 25
V24=Venture 24/224
V23=Venture 23
V22=Venture 22/222
M22=Macgregor 22
V21=Venture 21
M21=Macgregor 21
M19=Macgregor 19
V17=Venture/Macgregor 17

Use these Categories to search
Canvas=Dodgers, Biminis,
Winch, Sail, and Helm Covers,
Storage, Enclosure Parts
Deck=Cleats, Fittings, Blocks,
Winches, Clutches,
Tracks, Hasps, Hinges,
Fiberglass Parts
Electrical=Fuse Panels, Switches
Light Fixtures, Bulbs, Wire,
Batteries, Plugs, Connectors,
Stereos and Nav Instruments
Fasteners=Bolts, Screws, Washers,
Nuts, Pins, Rings
Hull Hardware=Rub Rails, Valves,
Deck Plates, Labels and Stickers
Interior=Cushions, Wood Parts,
Hinges and Brackets,
Caps, Plugs
Line=3/16", 5/16", 1/4"
Maint=Chemicals, Supplies,
Tools, Paint, Caulking,
Gel Coat, Resin
Misc=Misc Parts
Railing=Bow and Stern Railings,
Stanchions, Ladders,
Grab Handles and Rails,
Mast Carriers, Lifeline Parts
Rigging=Shrouds and Stays,
Masts, Booms, Spreaders,
Blocks, Furlers, Battens
Sails=Mainsails, Headsails, Spinnakers
Steering=Rudders, Tillers
Centerboards, Daggerboards, Keels,
Tillers, Steering System Parts
Trailer=Frame Parts, Fenders,
Bunks, Lights,
Wheels and Tires,
Brakes, Springs and Axles
Windows=Top, Front, Side

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